Welcome to the most serious room of my cyberhome. Here you'll find the online versions of various papers I wrote during my studies at the universities of Zurich and Paris Sorbonne.
I am now able to proudly present you with texts representative of all three subjects I studied: Sociology, Computational Linguistics and Chinese.
All texts are in German or French. I keep up my promise to write better English abstracts one day. Most texts have a HTML version for fast viewing, but these are usually quick and dirty (and thus probably faulty) exports. For that reason, every text is also available in PDF format, viewable (and printable) with freely available Acrobat Reader. If you have questions about one of my papers, or if you just want to discuss some matter further, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Yu Dafu - Sonnenuntergang

Yu Dafu - Sunset

This is the German translation of Chinese writer Yu Dafu's short story Luo Ri (Sunset). As far as I know, this is the first translation of this particular text by Yu Dafu. The writing of Yu, who played an active role in China's tumultuous May Fourth Movement, is strongly influenced by European romanticism and, to a certain degree, by Japanese Shishôsetsu. Yu's protagonists are almost always lonely and bitter individuals, hypochondriac and full of self-contempt, lost in a chaotic world looking for love, understanding and the right ideology, unable to believe in the old values and wary of new ones. Yu's straightforward prose is of a disturbing actuality today, the more it is astonishing that only very few translations of his texts are readily available in the West (there is, on the average, one "Collection of Short Stories" per language, almost always out of print). Yu, probably one of the most important modern Chinese writers, sure would deserve more attention outside of China.
(PDF version of text)

Eigenes, Anderes und Fremdes - ein qualitativer Beitrag zur differenzierten Betrachtung der Ausländerfeindlichkeitsdebatte

The Own, the Other and the Foreign - A Qualitative Contribution to the Study of Attitudes Towards Foreigners

This is the big Kahuna: my masters thesis on attitudes towards foreigners. Eleven qualitative interviews are analyzed according to Grounded Theory methodology. The attitudes towards foreigners of the interviewed individuals are examined in a broader context of their thinking, their conception of the world and their conception of self.
(currently only available in PDF format)

Regelbasiertes und statistisches Parsen natürlicher Sprache - Eine vergleichende Studie

Rule-based and Statistical Parsing of Natural Language - A Comparative Study

As the title says: a comparison of rule-based and statistical parsing strategies is given, with an emphasis on the statistical approach.
(only PDF version available)

Zur Konstruktion von Identität im virtuellen Raum

On the Construction of Identity in Cyberspace

With MUDs as an example, this text tries to illustrate, how complex cultural and social systems are emerging in cyberspace. These systems provide the individual with partially novel sets of cultural elements to choose from when constructing a virtual identity. Virtual identities are viewed as consciously constructed, multiple, ever-changing and unstable.
(PDF version of text)

Autoritarismus und Ausländerfeindlichkeit

Authoritarianism and Xenophobia

The relationship between anomia and rigorism (viewed together as reasonably close to the phenomenon of authoritarianism as described by e.g. Theodor W. Adorno or Bob Altemeyer), political preferences (left-right) and xenophobia are examined on the basis of empirical data representative of the population of Zurich, Switzerland. A relatively high explanation (35%) of the variance in xenophobia is achieved with anomia, rigorism and political left-right as independent variables.
(PDF version of text)

Musique, Idéeologie et Société. Richard Wagner - Essai sur la transformation de l'art

Some details about Richard Wagner's much-discussed relationship with anti-Semitism are examined.
I wrote this one together with Kim Sitzler.
(PDF version of text)

Mike Brake: The Sociology of Youth Culture and Youth Subcultures

A book review (in French).
(PDF version of text)

Dominique Desjeux (avec la participation de Sophie Taponier):
Le sens de l’autre - Stratégies réseaux et cultures en situation interculturelle

Another book review (also in French).
(PDF version of text)